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e-Road Management System


ACPS Vehicle Solutions (ACPS) has chosen the ASIS smart terminal devices as a powerful and very cost effective concept that can solve the core problems described above. They allow clients a flexible, quick and easy combination of three of the most powerful state-of-the-art technologies (GSM/GPRS, GPS, Internet) into a wide range of applications for the vertical and horizontal market. ACPS is the exclusive distributor for ASIS-Turkey and has been given the responsibility to establish the required infrastructure to sell and support their products in Saudi Arabia

ACPS VTS solution is an intergraded hardware and software solution that allows you to monitor your fleet (Locate, Track, Control and Manage) remotely and conveniently. Our VTS solution is customer based and has been developed internally and can be tailored to your company's needs and requirements; special input and output sensors can be installed to feed your database with the information needed for more productivity and efficiency. 

The system utilizes GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) to give you real-time detailed information about your vehicles on Digitally Generated Maps (DGM), such as position, direction and velocity allowing you to build a database of collected information that will identify opportunities for productivity improvement and cost reduction.

Know where ones vehicles are, what they are doing and ensuring their protection is critically important to all in operating their vehicles efficiently and cost effectively while ensuring the maximum safety of the vehicle and the people inside when it is on the road. TME can, therefore, be regarded as your eyes and ears in your vehicles when they are away on the road.

The objective is to offer you the chance to experience a state of the art fleet management and vehicle location based system, which addresses the following priorities:

  • Provide location based services to customers (Vehicle Tracking)
  • Decrease vehicle maintenance and repair costs (Fleet management)
  • Conduct accident analysis (Fleet management)
  • Evaluate Driver performance (Fleet management)
  • Potential for insurance savings (Vehicle Tracking)
  • Improved bottom line (Fleet management)
  • Protection of the passengers, loved ones and the driver inside your vehicle (Vehicle Tracking)
  • Improve customer satisfaction though sharing of critical information (Fleet Management)
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