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e-fuel management system
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e-Fuel Management System
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e-Fuel Management System

Functions of the System

  • Data Collection and Data Export Modules.
  • Sales, purchase, shipment etc. of liquid fuel operation, inventory tracking and current tracking modules.
  • Reporting automation data and making analysis, consumption and detail reports
  • Fleet follow-up and structural tracking module

What can it do?

  • Records all sales in terms of station, fleet and vehicle,
  • Creates statistical reports from sales data.
  •  Detailed reports based on Current / Vehicle can be taken.
  • It can report past pump sales on any date that they are needed.
  • Can covert the reports into Microsoft Excel / Html /Txt formats.
  • It can provide detailed analysis related to vehicle consumptions. (Km/Lt)

What can it do online?
If ACPS stations are connected to the MAIN central system over Internet;

  • Filling screens of all online stations can be seen.
  • All online TTS sales can be limited, added to badlist etc. (Both ASİS TTS and ASİS BTS at the same time)
  • Online promotion and loyalty application can be made. (Such as Individual Automatic, smartcard applications and diesel club)
  • Orders can be placed online, smuggled filling and tank alarms can be purchased. (View)
Price change can be made in all online stations.
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