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e-fuel management system
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e-Fuel Management System
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e-Fuel Management System

RFID Fuel Corporate

  • RFID tag holder’s Account Number
  • RFID tag's Validity Period (based on contract).
  • Company Name.
  • RFID tagholder's Name.
  • Company Logo.
  • Division/Department Name
  • Employee ID or Vehicle Plate Number.

Expense Management Options:

  • Monthly Limit: Each RFID tag is required to have a limit that would represent the maximum amount of SR value that can be spent per month. (any amount in SR can be requested for your monthly limit which will be pre-approved as per ACC's standards).
  • Daily Limit : You may limit your RFID tag with a maximum SR value allowed to be spent within a 24-hour period.
  • Week Day Restriction : You may specify the days when you would like the RFID tag to accept fuel related payments. (Example: The RFID tag may not process any payments on the day your driver is off duty).
  • No. of Fillings Per Day : This feature specifies the number of "tank fills" allowed within a 24 hours period. This feature controls the number of vehicles that may be filled using the same RFID tag per day
(Any combination of service options indicated above can be used together or separately per RFID)


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