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e-Fuel Management System
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e-Fuel Management System

ACPS Online

Aims to combine liquid fuel stations connected to public or private liquid fuel distribution companies under a single main computer structure.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Liquid fuel distribution companies can control their stations more easily under a centralized structure.
  • Vehicles that take fuel by using Customer Recognition System or the Vehicle Recognition System can use all stations connected to the distribution company.

Elements of ACPS Online System
Sub-systems and equipments used in ACPS Online system are as follows: ACPS Automation System Liquid fuel Service Station Pump Automation and Liquid fuel Management System ACPS MTS Tank Automation System ACPS Online Internet Module.

ACPS Online Internet System
The computer allows for access to the data in the server from any platform that internet can be accessed from. Works with all Internet browsers installed in the operating system. It is constructed over a maximum Internet Security system. Best performance and easiest operation are targeted.

ACPS Online Internet System Reporting Module
It is possible to report all information gathered in the server by using the automation systems used in ACPS online system. Users can perform the following operations in the reporting module depending on their security authorization:

  • Liquid fuel distribution companies can have reports from service stations concerning pump sales and tank information, and they can  give more effective decisions by considering these data.
  • Service stations can track their stations online and make sales analysis for them.
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