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01.Who is Telargo?
02.Who needs Telargo?
03.Why do we need a mobile assets management solution?
04.What is the Telargo Service and how does it work?
05.What are the benefits of using the Telargo service?
06.What Telargo brings ?
07.What kinds of companies benefit the most from the Telargo Service?
08.Is the fleet management system flexible enough to meet our needs?
09.How can we integrate/customize Telargo to even better suit our needs?
10.How secure is the information about our operations?
11.What sort of communication networks are supported by Telargo?
12.What mapping software does Telargo use and how detailed is mapping data?
13.How can Telargo help us better utilize our mobile assets?
14.What makes Telargo different from the competition?
15.What does Telargo plan for the future?
16.How do I get started?

01. Who is Telargo?
Telargo is a global provider of services for mobile assets management,
Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ. Services are supported by a unique service platform that combines a variety of established technologies from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and wireless communication to digital mapping and hosted applications. These combined; facilitate online interaction with vehicle fleets, work process automation, in-depth cost analysis and more, to support your management decisions.

Telargo service is fast becoming the industry choice for improving mobile asset management in various businesses. In operation since the summer of 2005, Telargo, a joint venture between Ultra and NTT DoCoMo, has already successfully implemented its services globally, supporting a diverse array of clients in Austria, Brazil, Hong Kong, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

02. Who needs Telargo?
Telargo’s service is the perfect cost-effective solution for those companies whose complex operations require logistics management, cost control and direct communication with their employees who operate the company’s mobile assets.

Telargo’s logistics management services have been successfully deployed in:

  • Utility companies (postal, telecom, municipality services, power & gas…)
  • logistics companies (retail, wholesale, manufacturing, LTL and FTL, 3PLs)
  • public transport companies
  • specialty fleets (government, construction, emergency, security)

Telargo provides cost-effective, dependable logistical hardware and management software that satisfy today’s corporate demands, from the most complex to the simplest.

03. Why do we need a mobile assets management solution?
With increased competition and the rising costs of business operations, it is essential for fleet operators to find ways for business improvements and cost reductions.

Telargo mobile assets management service helps you to optimize operations, drive profitability, maximize fleet utilization, increase workforce productivity, reduce expenses, enhance safety and compliance regulations and achieve service excellence.


04. What is the Telargo Service and how does it work?
Telargo provides a comprehensive management service that improves logistic and fleet operations for a range of diverse businesses and industries. We offer our solution as a flat-fee service, thus eliminating the client’s need to invest heavily in IT equipment and infrastructure, extensive user training and high maintenance costs.

Technology infrastructure
Telargo has developed all the necessary vehicle equipment and application server software to deliver a complete mobile assets management solution, whether the client’s needs are large or small.

    • Vehicles are equipped with Telargo Mobile Units, Telargo Keypads, and various sensors that operate the Telargo Service. 
    • Mobile Units have secure data transfer and voice communication capabilities. through selected wireless networks.
    • The Telargo Control Center consists of a database, map server, communication server, and a Web portal for easy access to fleet data. The Telargo Control Center and additional industry-specific applications provide our clients with significant fleet data.
    • Telargo Service hosts its applications for the client, thereby eliminating virtually any investment by the client for IT infrastructure. Telargo Service users can access their data quickly and easily using a Web browser on a standard PC or on the road with an internet-based mobile device such as a Blackberry.

    Service platform
    From the initial sales presentation to the final system integration, and post-installation customer care and consulting; Telargo provides its clients with the technology, solutions and dependable, user-friendly service that will maximize their mobile assets management and increase revenue.

    Telargo/ACPS Service plans include:

      • installation and maintenance of vehicle equipment
      • user training
      • system integration between Telargo Control Center and client IT infrastructure
      • on-going post-installation support

      05. What are the benefits of using the Telargo service?
      Our clients who use the Telargo Service for management of their mobile assets and workforce receive:

      • Maximized vehicle and fleet utilization
      • Increased workforce productivity
      • Streamlined communications
      • Decreased maintenance and diagnostic costs
      • Reduced fuel consumption and expenditures
      • Enforced safety and compliance regulations
      • Deployed vertically tailored solutions with minimum lead time
      • Enhanced public image and environmental awareness

      The Telargo Service is easy to use and dependable, providing a fast Return on Investment (ROI) due to its built-in integration capabilities. Telargo Service allows clients to focus on their own business, providing them with the necessary logistical tools and decision-making information at a moment’s notice

      06. What Telargo brings to the:

      Streamlined processes, less paperwork and improved efficiency will save management time and money allowing them to focus on important issues in running the business. Real-time arrival or position information will keep the customers happy and increase your company’s reputation, which can result in new business.

      Telargo's Expense manager makes entering, tracking and allocating the costs to individual vehicle or driver efficient and accurate, while the Enterprise Reporter provides huge amounts of data in the form of different reports that are suitable for further analysis, which is a basic cornerstone for improving fleet performance.

      Mobile workforce
      Improved and efficient (dynamic) routing, real time voice and/or data communication, seamless trip order generation and updating make the mobile workforce more efficient, allow for more daily tasks to be performed and show your clients how closely the delivery of services can be monitored by the company’s high tech real-time tracking system.

      Fleet Dispatchers
      By using real-time GPS positioning and tracking, voice and/or message communication, dynamic routing and traffic conditions monitoring, the dispatchers are able to optimize the use of your existing vehicles. Telargo service also makes their work simpler and more enjoyable, which will relieve their stress.

      The Telargo service provides reports with verified information so drivers can back up work orders and corroborate time spent at job sites, replay to customers or passengers complaints. They are protected, and your business is protected if someone reports a problem with service, because the GPS tracking will show not only where they were located, but at what time. The driver safety is further enhanced with the Panic button functionality. Real time traffic information, hands free voice communication and navigation also help the drivers on their way.

      Customer Service
      Customer service representatives are able to tell customers about the progress of their projects in real-time. Customers benefit from faster service, more precise arrival times, and detailed and accurate billing information.

      Public transport companies can offer their passengers access to the bus/tram arrival information via (mobile) internet, Short Messaging Services, LED displays at the stops, and take the burden off your customer service representatives.

      Telargo is a global service-oriented company dedicated to maximizing the mobile assets of its clients.


      07. What kinds of companies benefit the most from the Telargo Service?
      Companies with executives who are interested in using their fleets more strategically, and who are ready to change their business processes accordingly, will see the greatest benefit from our system.

      The Telargo system is valuable to clients in a wide array of industry sectors – from transportation and logistics, to utilities, public transport, and other services where efficiency is a top priority.

      08. Is the fleet management system flexible enough to meet our needs?
      Telargo mobile assets management Service is build upon an open and scalable platform, designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, unlike many other service providers who offer “off-the-shelf” solutions.

      09.How can we integrate/customize Telargo to even better suit our needs?
      The Telargo Service’s goal is to maximize a client’s mobile assets, which it accomplishes by using a broad platform to cover the most vitally important aspects of the client’s company. To allow for even tighter integration of the client’s business with the Telargo Service, Telargo has developed a set of well-defined business Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

      Web Service APIs enable Telargo Service to integrate with:

        • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
        • transport management systems
        • maintenance management systems
        • accounting systems
        • various B2B platforms

        What size of a fleet can the Telargo system accommodate?
        The system is scalable and can handle a fleet of any size.

        10. How secure is the information about our operations?
        Security is a top priority at Telargo and we place great concern on security issues on various levels: from providing secure data transfer through the Telargo service; all database information is secured by sophisticated encryption mechanisms; servers are located in secure and highly protected areas; access to the application is able only with unique username and password.

        11. What sort of communication networks are supported by Telargo?
        Services are designed to operate with a variety of wireless communication protocols and communication networks. Primary channel of communication is wireless IP technology such as GPRS and CDMA. SMS, TETRA, satellite data or digital trunk radio technologies are also used depending upon network configuration and availability. Telargo supports international roaming, what makes our Service really international.

        12. What mapping software does Telargo use and how detailed is mapping data?
        Telargo uses mapping data, provided by TeleAtlas, the world's leading mapping company with state of the art details and coverage. Mapping software is based on Map24, a service provided by Mapsolute.


        13.How can Telargo help us better utilize our mobile assets?
        Our mobile asset management system enables online monitoring and interaction with a fleet, and provides critical logistics data to help you better understand your fleet and workforce. Our clients see benefits in a variety of areas including: fleet planning and positioning, vehicle maintenance, workforce management, cost management and communication.

        14. What makes Telargo different from the competition? 
        Telargo is very proud to be considered a »one-stop-shop« solution. We provide our customers with a complete proprietary solution, from in-vehicle equipment to web based applications which run our service. When you add equipment installation and maintenance, customer training and support, the consulting and system integration services and helpdesk there is nothing else you need to successfully manage your fleet.

        Top all that off with an array of comprehensive service plans created with you, the client in mind. By eliminating costly, upfront investment into vehicle equipment and offering our unique flat-fee pricing structure, Telargo gives its clients complete and total cost–of-ownership transparency with simple, easy-to-manage subscription plans that cover the full range of our services. The Telargo Service subscription fees eliminate concerns about technology and equipment upgrades. To make things even simpler and easier, all subscribed services are reflected on one monthly invoice.

        Telargo is positioned as a high value service provider. Some of Telargo’s market differentiators are;

         - Seamless introduction of new services
         - constant upgrade to new functionalities
         - service excellence and customer centric approach
         - best practice based vertical solution packages
         - industry-leading accuracy and reliability proven in most complex transportation    

        15.What does Telargo plan for the future?
        Telargo’s success was built on its expertise in technology and service, and we are constantly striving to excel in both. Over the past years we have introduced a number of innovative new features to the market and have taken advantage of the latest generation of wireless technology to improve our in-vehicle equipment.

        We will be adding industry leading features to our services and applications while utilizing new technologies to maximize your mobile assets. Our main purpose is to enhance the business of our partners by providing them with intelligent, comprehensive and reliable solutions.

        16.How do I get started?
        It is easy to get in touch with Telargo/ACPS:
        You can call us. 00966920000875
        You can e-mail us.
        You can meet us at the upcoming events.



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